Friday, August 21, 2009

The Later Years

yeah i'm sorry this comic took so long i tried to do real characters but they didn't look good so i went back to stick figures

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


         This just in I hate America. This was confirmed today after I saw footage from the town hall meeting they are having over health. If you haven't seen this here's a summary of how these meetings went. First a reasonable expert on the topic tries explaining the health care bill to the town’s folk. The expert then opens up the floor to questions. The town’s folk instead of asking questions just shut things along the lines of how socialism is bad and how Barack Obama is trying to kill them. You know the republican position. The expert tries but fails to claim the people down. The town’s folk then resort to chimpanzee and start throwing their poop around the room and fighting over a bunch of bananas. You know it must really fucking suck to be Barack Obama the man is trying to fix the broken health care system and the people that will be helped by the health care bill just get pissed off and start throwing their poop around like the monkeys.

         Well it's been about 10 months since left 4 dead came out and I still haven't played it. I tried renting it about two weeks ago and well let be tell you a something about Rogers video. It’s a fine store it’s were I rent movies and games. Recently I been renting more games cause I turned 17. The one game I’m dying, DYING to play is left 4 dead. For about two weeks I had been checking if it’s in and it hasn’t been, so I asked one of the employees when it’s due back and he tells me that the copies were due back in December. FUCKING DECEMBER. That’s 9 months they have let the box just sit there. I mean come on there has to be working at Rogers and notice that this game has been out for 9 months. I mean really are these people are that fucking dumb that they can’t realize this.

         Ever since I’ve turned 17 I’ve been playing m rated games. This summer I’ve played through cod 4 and 5, Bioshock, The Secret of Monkey Island, halo 3. And now I’m working on Warcraft 3, Worms (for my iPod), Ragdoll Cannon (again for my iPod), and Lego Indiana Jones. The worst one of these games was easily cod 5. I loved cod 4 it was an amazing game that I played through it at least 5 times. But cod 5 was made by trey arc. They are known as the company that fucked things up for infinity ward. It was just a generic shooter that had no heart or soul. A testament to how soulless this game is. I prefer the secret of Monkey Island. Monkey Island is a point and click adventure game from Lucas arts back when they didn’t just put out a star wars game every year. The thing that sets Monkey Island apart is the story line and the humor. I mean how couldn’t you love a game that uses the word plunder bunny. That’s about it. I’ll try to post something later this week.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


It feels so great. Finally for the first time in canada you can buy The Office, 30 Rock and others are now available on itunes. If you now me the biggest fault i find with apple is that the itunes stores are not equal. The U.S had all the good content. I love 30 Rock and the Office they are my favorite T.V shows. Now that apple has added these apple i perfect. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I haven't written anything in a long time this is because nothing has gotten me pissed off enough to write any. Wait there's one thing that has gotten my really pissed and that is the young people of today. Damn that last sentence made me sound old. they are just so self centered and snobby. They think that the world is there to caper to their every whim. they are 10 years old and they own a purse that is BIGGER THEN THEIR HEAD. Does that sound weird to any one else. And they all have cell phones. I don't even own a cell phone and I'm 16. I went to see I Love You Man(funny funny movie. Go see it) and this was the week end that 17 again(which was sold out) and there were tons of kids with their parents to see it. I was looking for my friend when i saw these girls with talking to their friends about their plans and the part that shocked me was when one girl said, "Well we already have tickets so were going." I really wanted to smack her i the back of the head. One of the girls had those massive glasses that are so large they go down to your nose. And the other one was had on a tube top. Really really a tube top you're 10. I'm going to stop now before i go on a hulk style rampage down the street. But i am also happy because i've been listening to comedy. I bought Demetri Martin These Are Jokes, two Flight of the Conchords albums, The Best of Chris Rock, a season of Futurama, and a Get Fuzzy book. There's also 2 months till I'm 17 and i'll be able to buy m rated games. and try and get my intermediate divers license. Yeah so thats about all i have to say. PEACE!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009



i'm back from vacation and i'm going to write a really long entry later

Saturday, March 7, 2009